Multiply Your
​​​​​​​Impact - And Your Revenue

Create a more valuable relationship with your clients and master the world’s most powerful visual marketing automation platform, all while fully leveraging an industry-leading brand and its resources and insights.

By renewing your Ontraport Certified Expert status, you’ll get the most up-to-date skills and insider tips for using the Ontraport platform, improve your strategy for attracting quality clients, and learn new ways to provide unbelievable value — all so you can grow your business faster.
About the Ontraport Certified Expert Renewal Process

Move Your Business Forward

The Newest Ontraport Certification Course Material

Each year, we update the Ontraport Certification Course content. You’ll get access to the newest training tools, content and insights to keep your skills and knowledge on the cutting edge.

Software Training on the Most Recent Ontraport Feature Releases

We’re constantly releasing new features at Ontraport. The recertification process will ensure you get the updated training and skills you need to make the most of them for your business and your clients.
Enhanced Strategy Training for Increasing Your Revenue
Get the latest business-building strategies to attract more clients, keep them around longer, and increase their total lifetime value. This year’s course content includes even more strategies you can use to reel in high-value clients.

Test Scores and Feedback

Find out how you scored on the multiple choice exam and see which questions were incorrect so that you can improve your knowledge.
Access to Additional Support if Needed

If you need more support from our team to pass the exam after an unsuccessful attempt, you’ll be able to get one-on-one support to identify areas for improvement before you take it again.

One Full Year of Active Ontraport Expert Status

With the most up-to-date software and strategy skills, you’ll enjoy access to all the benefits of being an Ontraport Certified Expert and Insider for another full year.

​​​​​​​This course opened my eyes to the incredible power of using Ontraport to grow and nurture a relationship with customers.

– Jennifer Bleiker, Bleiker Consent Building
Before the training, I didn't really understand how the pieces fit together. Now, I'm not only comfortable working with the different tools in the platform, I also see the big picture: The marketing possibilities are endless!

– Morgen Drasnin,
Ontraport Certified Expert
Annual Renewal
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$500 for all of 2021

*After purchasing, you will be taken directly to the renewal exam. Please be ready to take the exam at the time of purchase. 

By integrating these tools in to our business we have automated so much more.
– Meggie Danielson, Business Owner, Nia With Meggie

Interested in Renewing Your Expert Status?

To keep your exclusive Ontraport Certified Expert benefits without an interruption, it’s important to begin the recertification process as early as possible. Give yourself ample time to study, and set yourself up for success — start the recertification process now.
Frequently Asked Questions

What does the recertification fee cover?

The recertification fee covers the cost of administering and grading your recertification exam as well as the cost of extending your benefits as an Ontraport Certified Expert for another year.


Do I have to travel to get recertified or take the test?

No. You can study for the test from wherever you are, and the test will be administered online. The only exception would be if you fail the online test twice — in which case you’d need to attend the Ontraport Certification Course in person again before the next attempt.


What is the format of the test?

The test consists of one section: a multiple choice exam. You’ll need a minimum score of 80% to pass. The test begins with the multiple choice section where you will select the correct answers for 40 questions on a form. Once you’ve submitted the multiple choice exam, the test is over and will be submitted automatically for grading.

How can I prepare for the recertification test?

You’ll find study materials that you can use to bring your software and strategy skills up to date inside the Cert Portal, which you can log in to now using the same credentials given when you first became a Certified Expert. The best way to study for the exam is to review the content directly by the training advisor on the monthly Insider webinar leading up to the annual renewal. Check the Insider Facebook community to find the study webinar.

What if I don’t pass the test?

Just as in the initial Ontraport Certification Exam you took, if you do not pass the exam we will contact you promptly to review the questions you missed and advise on areas you may need to review. Once you are ready, you may retake the exam once at no cost. If you do not pass the retake, you will be required to attend the Ontraport Certification Course again before the next attempt.


How will I know when I need to renew my certification?

Your certification is valid for one year after you pass the initial Certification Exam. We will contact you via email after the Study Webinar to let you know it is time to renew.


What if I don’t get recertified by the deadline?

If the renewal date passes and we have not heard back from you within 30 days, your status as an Ontraport Certified Expert will become inactive. This means your business will no longer be listed on the Ontraport Experts page and you’ll no longer have access to the Expert Portal, the Ontraport Insider Facebook Community, monthly Insider webinars or any Insider perks.

Even if your certification becomes inactive, you can still renew. Simply fill out the order form on this page to submit your recertification fee and prepare for the test. Once you pass, all your benefits will be reinstated. Contact us at if you have any questions.